Review: MicroBT Whatsminer M30S++

The Whatsminer M30S++ is a next-generation flagship ASIC miner manufactured by Shenzhen-based MicroBT. The miner boasts an impressive power efficiency of 31 joules per terahash and an advertised hashrate of 112 TH/s. This makes the M30S++ one of the first Bitcoin miners to reach such power efficiency and leads the mining industry into the “3x Era” of power efficiency. I received a unit for testing purposes and am excited to share the results with you.

The M30S++’s dimensions are 16.875” length by 5.75” width by 8.8125” height, and weighs about 28 lbs. The measured airflow of the miner’s fans is 255 CFM.

Test Results

My test was conducted over the course of seven days at Blockstream’s mining facilities in Georgia, and tracked the power efficiency, hash rate, and power consumption of the Whatsminer M30S++.

MicroBT M30S++ Power Efficiency

During the testing, the power efficiency of the Whatsminer M30S++ fluctuated minimally between 31.00 and 31.25 joules per terahash; making the M30S++ one of the most efficient miners on the market today. Power efficiency is the most important aspect to mining hardware, so this unit will be very attractive to miners looking to upgrade their existing less efficient units.

MicroBT M30S++ Hashrate vs Date / Time

The hashrate of the M30S++ also fluctuated minimally by roughly 1%. 100+ TH/s is an exceptional hashrate for any miner, and especially for one this power-efficient. With the M30S++, a mining facility becomes not only more power-efficient, but also more space-efficient since more hashrate can fit in the same square footage.

MicroBT M30S++ Power Consumption

The power consumption of the M30S++ remained stable at about 3450 Watts with minimal fluctuation throughout the duration of the test.

In summary, the Whatsminer M30S++ performs as advertised with little to no variation in hashrate, power efficiency, or power consumption. I highly recommend the M30S++ to any serious mining operation looking for the next generation of power-efficient mining hardware.

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